Delving in our creative souls

Posted on May 11, 2015
Delving in our creative souls

Yes we ARE all creative souls… though sometimes we simply need a nudge in the right direction, a bit of encouragement, or simply the space to master new skills.

It was earlier this year, after receiving many requests from people, I finally got my act together to offer workshops with the aim to share with others some of my knowledge, techniques and enthusiasm for the subject matter. Scouting nearby for the ideal venue, I came across Word of Mouth Arts & Craft Supplies in Hebden Bridge – the workshop space met all my criteria and just happens to be managed by the loveliest owner you could ask for, Jinny.


Word of Mouth, Hebden


Word of Mouth shop








As a self taught felter, I was obviously a little apprehensive whether I could deliver my course effectively and keep time… so as the old adage says preparation, preparation, preparation! …and I called onto my friends to do a dry run at home (accompanied with carrot soup and lemon drizzle for sustenance of course!!). We all had a great time, and their willingness to be my guinea pigs, their enthusiasm and feedback was invaluable – I am very grateful to you all – Jane, Carmel, Linda, Zoe and Lucy 🙂


Practice run, in the kitchen

Since then I have met many lovely women and have been inspired by their commitment and desire to learn something new, or simply develop their skills. They all delved into their creative souls and the results were amazing! Judge for yourself 🙂

“Just more of the same. Perfect :-)”

“Very relaxed working environment with very knowledgeable tutor”

“I feel very inspired to do more felting at home. Thank you!”

So why not come and join me on my NEXT WORKSHOP  – Felted Landscapes, Saturday 6th June 2015, 10am – 4pm at Word of Mouth, Hebden Bridge

The cost for the day-workshop is £70, and includes all material
If you would like to book a place, message me or telephone on 07777601046

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  1. evelyn davis
    August 15, 2017

    Dear Valerie, i found your work on my facebook page today and am utterly in love with the subtle nuances of your work. Your pieces are exquisite. i used to visit Powys when i was in my tweenties and my brother lived in a little place called Evanjobb. i would love to come do your workshop but i have foresworn international travel and i live in New Zealand so i haven’t a chance to get there! i just want to ask something.. not even sure what… maybe where to begin to try to capture the tender softness and understated quality of your images. do you work on a silk base and build on it… do you use merino and fabrics in your work… or is it all wool? and most of all, what material have you used to create those incredibly realistic looking tree silhouettes in the mist? or is that screen printing ? about which i know nothing… obviously it is all highly confidential and professional etiquette is involved.. but if there is anything you could share with me so that i had a starting point.. they are just so beautiful and evocative… i want to try to at least try. i am actually very hamfisted and over do it when i do stuff… ligthweight is not my name, which is probaby why i admire your work. yours very warmly and i guess a bit cheekily! Evelyn. ( i work with small children as my main work… felting is a side thing… but i love to learn new things. i think what i need to do is do a course in water colour and design theory and stuff cos it s so easy to keep repeating old habits and layouts…. i see that you encourage your participants to draw and sketch and design before they begin.. and i guess i tend to just jump in…. maybe i should slow down!


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