I am a textile artist based in West Yorkshire. I work with a combination of fibres, threads, textiles and print elements to create felt wall pieces with a contemporary and refined feel inspired by land, sea and sky scapes.

Brought up in France and French Polynesia, I came to the UK to study textile design. After working in the fashion industry and local government, I recently returned to my first love of constructed textiles, where I discovered an intuitive affinity with the practice of wet felting, enticed by its challenging attributes.

My felt pieces seek coalescence between simplicity and detail, the temporal and the intangible to create ephemeral moments and moods yet ones that still feel familiar – an invitation to amble into our own serenity.

Earthlungs is a body of work that reflects my perception of the land and sky around me, as it breathes ever-changing colours and moods. I seek my inspiration mainly from the Yorkshire landscape and my travels further afield, taking photographs as I go.

My felts are created using primarily wet felting, a traditional craft technique using wool tops, hot water, soapsuds and friction to interlock the fibers together. I create my base canvas applying fibres as one would paint, responding to the physical transformation which occurs before me. I include textile elements within the process to construct layers of transparency, depth, and texture. I look onto it as a conversation with wool: it is always with slight trepidation that I unroll the mat, lift the net, to then decide on my next move, gently teasing and taming the fibres to my thoughts.

Once dried, the canvas may be worked through further processes such as screen-printing, transfers and free machine stitching, drawing directly onto the canvas, carefully working out colours and textures to enhance the lines, movement and depth of the composition.